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How to vent hydraulic transmission equipment maintenance system
Hydraulic transmission system with small size, light weight, large power, smooth operation, stepless speed regulation, etc., are widely used in a variety of cranes. However, the transmission efficiency is lower than other transmission hydraulic system, easy to produce and analyze failures and faults exclusion difficult. Therefore, maintenance personnel required to have some basic knowledge of hydraulic systems.
Leaking hydraulic system there are two main fixed seal leaks and sports seal leaks, seal the leak fixed site includes Bottom, each pipe joints and other joints, including the movement of the cylinder rod seal parts multi-way valve stem and other parts. Fluid leakage from leaking outside and can be divided into internal leakage, external leakage refers mainly to the leakage of hydraulic oil from the system environment, the internal leakage is due to the pressure difference between the high and low pressure side of the seal and failure of the presence of other factors, hydraulic oil to flow from the high pressure inside the system low pressure side
     All hydraulic components and sealing components have strict dimensional tolerances, surface treatment, surface finish and geometric tolerance requirements. If the difference in the manufacturing process of Super League, for example: the radius of the cylinder piston seal groove depth or width, fitted seal hole size tolerance or because of processing problems caused by out of round, itself has a burr or pitted chrome fall off, sealed pieces will be deformed, scratched, crushed or pressed untrue other phenomenon it lost the sealing function.