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Reducer with lubricating oil

1. The horizontal cycloid reducer is lubricated under normal conditions by oil pool. The height of the oil surface can be kept in the middle of the oil window. When the working conditions are bad, the ambient temperature is high temperature.

2. The cycloidal pinwheel reducer is generally lubricated with 40# or 50# mechanical oil at normal temperature. In order to improve the performance of the reducer and extend the service life of the cycloid reducer, it is recommended to use 70# or 90# extreme pressure gears. Oil, oil should also be reconsidered when working under high and low temperature conditions.

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3. Vertical installation of planetary reducer should strictly prevent the oil pump from breaking oil to avoid damage to the components of the reducer.

4. When refueling, you can rotate the vent cap on the upper part of the base to refuel. When draining oil, screw the oil drain plug on the lower part of the base to release the oil. The reducer is internally oil-free.

5, the first refueling operation for 100 hours should be replaced with new oil, (and the internal sewage is washed clean) and then continue to work, replaced every six months (8-hour work system), if the working conditions are bad, the oil change time can be shortened appropriately, Practice has proved that the frequent cleaning and oil change of the reducer (such as 3-6 months) plays an important role in extending the service life of the reducer. Lubricating oil should be replenished frequently during use.

6. The newly issued reducer has been greased and replaced every six months. The grease is made of aluminum disulfide-2# or 2L-2# lithium base grease.

Lubricant quality level

Diesel engines with low speed, high load, high speed and high load conditions use CE grade oil lubrication; turbocharged diesel engines should use CD grade and above; CF-4 is suitable for high speed, heavy load, long cycle diesel engines, especially for highway driving . Effectively prevent piston ring wear and oil thickening; CG-4 diesel engine oil is used when the fuel sulfur content is less than 0.05%; the bimetallic piston engine with higher fuel injection pressure and higher operating temperature is selected from CH-4 diesel engine oil; The engine of the low temperature exhaust gas recirculation system requires CI-4 diesel engine oil.

Compared with low-grade lubricating oils, high-grade and high-grade lubricating oils have significantly improved in terms of oxidation resistance and clean dispersion ability. In addition, the valve mechanism is significantly optimized in terms of wear protection, grease resistance, filter clogging prevention, lubricant loss and low temperature pumpability.

At present, with the promotion of environmental protection requirements in China and the country, various engine manufacturers have introduced high-quality engines (electrically controlled engines). The use level of oil has also increased accordingly. The CD level has been eliminated, and CF and CH have become mainstream. . According to China's national conditions, such as serious vehicle overload, poor road conditions, low driver specialization, unstable diesel sulfur content and other adverse factors, the engine is overhauled in advance. Therefore, you should use high quality oil.